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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (also referred to as root canal therapy or endodontic treatment) is necessary when the nerve of the tooth is traumatized by decay, previous deep restorations or a blow to the mouth. The nerve becomes infected which extends through the root tip and continues to destroy the surrounding bone. Symptoms that the pulp has become infected may include sensitivity to hot/cold, pain, swelling, pain to biting or pressure, and a bad taste in the mouth. The treatment is to clean out the infected nerve and disinfect the canals of the tooth. Once the infection is resolved, the canals are filled with an inert dental material to prevent further infection.

To prevent tooth loss and the need for dental implants, more than 15 million people undergo root canals each year to assist in saving their natural teeth. Root canal treatment is chosen by individuals who wish to save a dying tooth by repairing and cleaning out damaged nerve areas.

Advances in the techniques, equipment, and materials have made root canal therapy more predictable and comfortable that it used to be.  Dr. Thomas has invested in the T.F. Adaptive and Elements root canal systems.

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